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An Outsourcing Readiness Assessment helps determine the receptiveness of an organization towards outsourcing, as well as the feasibility of the application or process being outsourced. Therefore it is essential that an Outsourcing Readiness Assessment be conducted whether you are considering outsourcing a specific business process or a technical aspect of IT development and support.

Outsourcing initiatives can encompass a broad scope of activities.  They range from tactical short-term projects oriented towards achieving cost savings to strategic long-term objectives directed towards establishing permanent revenue and profit enhancement derived from the introduction of a global perspective.  Each individual initiative has to be analyzed and evaluated on its own merits.  For example, how prudent is it to outsource ALL technical knowledge and support for a critical core business application?  The answer to that question may largely depend on the nature of the business and not necessarily the technology being outsourced.  If the marketplace is fluid, dynamic, and subject to rapid change, then outsourcing all technical knowledge is not appropriate, as the ability to introduce change is materially restricted.

Blending Business Management with Technology
Outsourcing Readiness Assessment is a disciplined approach designed to assist in the analysis and evaluation of the feasibility and desirability of outsourcing business processes and/or associated IT support services.  In almost all instances the assessment consists of a review of the business process itself and the technology that supports it.  Our approach assesses the business processes and associated technical IT support from strategic and tactical, operational, and financial viewpoints with a risk assessment overlay applied across all three viewpoints to determine which functions can be most cost effectively managed using outsourced skills.   Some of the questions raised and answered during a typical assessment are:

  • Strategic & Tactical – Are the outsourcing objectives consistent with and do they correlate with the long-term strategic and short-term tactical plans of the company?
  • Operational – At a more granular level, what exact functionality is going to be outsourced and how will it interrelate and integrate with the remaining resident functionality? How will this work?
  • Financial – What are the cost benefits to be derived?
  • Risk Assessment – What are the quantified risks associated with the contemplated outsourcing initiative and are they incorporated into the service level agreement?

If we determine that outsourcing is the right direction for your business, or a mix of outsourcing be included in your IT budget, PCS has a comprehensive list of services to offer. In several other cases, our clients call us after they have been through an outsourcing readiness assessment to know about our services. In either situation, PCS is able to offer the following services:

  • Software development services using latest technologies such as .NET, SQL Server, SharePoint Services, Java EE, Oracle, and more
  • Application development and management
  • Conversions and migrations
  • Remote customer support and ticket tracking
  • Ongoing application maintenance and enhancement
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