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.Net Application Development Services
The Microsoft .NET platform is having a significant impact on the way applications are developed for the enterprise.  Employing open standards and Web Service protocols, .NET greatly simplifies the integration and interoperability of systems.  It also helps companies more easily integrate applications and data from various business partners.

The .NET architecture enables businesses to better leverage existing software assets and add new software services making them more productive.  Additionally, application development and maintenance costs are greatly reduced.

PCS  Experience
PCS helps major Fortune 1000 companies design, develop, integrate, and deploy complex business solutions based on the .NET platform.  PCS has significant experience and expertise in designing and developing .NET based business solutions for the insurance, banking and, other financial services industries. .NET development experience includes the following:

  • Re-engineer and convert legacy application to the .NET platform
  • Web application development using AJAX
  • .NET application design and development
  • Web services development using the .NET framework
  • API development
  • .NET application integration with corporate security architecture

“One of the major innovations of the .Net platform was to simplify the programming of distributed applications.  The .Net developer has a variety of choices at his or her fingertips.”

— Dev Source

“.NET has a few identities.  On one level, it’s a business strategy that Microsoft is promoting as a way for companies to build complex applications.  On another level are the tools that developers needs to build and run the apps, including the .NET Framework and Visual Studio.NET.  It is also a platform for building Web services, software programs that let apps and computing devices communicate regardless of programming language or hardware.”

— PC Magazine
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