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When Your Programs Need to Get With the Program
Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) facilitates sharing of information between two or more enterprise applications.  It is a set of technologies that allows the movement and exchange of information between different applications and business processes within and between organizations.

Business Drivers
Mergers and Acquisitions:  This typically requires that IT architecture and constituent technologies be inherently agile, that is scalable and loosely coupled systems.  The use of widely accepted industry standards is required to enable rapid, simplified integration of technical environments.

Changing Basic Processes:  Virtually every corporation either currently does or someday will conduct business electronically (i.e. internets / intranets “e-Business”) with customers, suppliers, and partners.  To facilitate these processes disparate applications and business processes will need to be integrated.  This will result in improved customer service and business productivity.

Leverage Legacy Application Assets:  Many corporations have a significant amount of capital invested in Legacy Applications.  EAI technologies can modernize the business processes, while preserving and leveraging these assets.

Benefits of EAI:

  • Ability to integrate business processes based on the business requirements
  • Faster time to market
  • Reduced development cycle
  • Ability to focus on business logic instead of connectivity and infrastructure issues
PCS’s Expertise
PCS has assisted several major corporations with designing, developing, and implementing complex EAI solutions. The solutions include:
  • Data Based Integration (EDI, XML, Data Base, VSAM Flat Files, etc.)
  • Message based integration (messages, objects, RPC, CORBA, COM, API)
  • Integrated mainframe legacy platforms with mid range and client server application
  • Integrated Internal corporate applications to external partner applications via the Internet
  • Integrated ERP applications with Custom Built Applications.
  • Integrated various transaction based applications with Data Warehouse Applications
PCS was retained by an e-fulfillment infrastructure provider to integrate multiple conventional technologies into a streamlined and efficient e-commerce support system.  The project required an integration of the existing back-end warehouse management and catalog fulfillment software packages with those of its clients.  PCS provided overall management, architecture, design, and programming services to meet this significant challenge.  In an AS/400 and Windows NT environment, using XML, PCS seamlessly fused the IT systems with the Internet, enabling the client to meet its plans, without any detrimental impact on its daily activities.    
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