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Java Enterprise Edition
The wide acceptance of the Java EE platform in the software industry is evidence of its status as a platform of choice for enterprise application development.  Java EE offers several features that accelerate time-to-market. For example, state management services enable developers to write less code and not worry about managing state, resulting in a higher degree of rapid application development.  State management services enable you to build components that hold state.  Persistence services enable developers to write applications without coding data access logic, resulting in leaner, database-independent web applications that are easier to build and maintain.

Java EE promotes Java-centric computing, and as such all components deployed into a Java EE deployment (such as EJB components and servlets) must be written in the Java language.  To use Java EE, you must commit to coding at least some of your eBusiness systems using the Java programming language.  Other languages can be bridged into a Java EE solution through web services, CORBA, JNI, or the JCA.
Java EE offers the following benefits:

  • Simplified architecture and development
  • Scalability
  • Choice of tools for developing, testing and deploying Java EE applications
  • Integration with existing EIS’s
  • Flexible security model

PCS has the experience and the technical know how to assist you in designing, developing, and deploying custom application solutions based on Java EE, and related standards.

PCS can assist you in architecting, developing, deploying, and maintaining your open standard infrastructure solutions based on Java EE framework.  PCS provides consulting services (Business Consulting, Technical Consulting, and Implementation Consulting ) for successful implementation and deployment of Java EE based solutions at your organization.

PCS can develop and deploy open standard solutions based on Java EE and related standards.

PCS supports products based on Java EE and related standards throughout their life cycle.

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