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What’s Important to Your Business?
  • High Availability: SQL Server 2005 offers enterprise class features and functionality to support critical enterprise applications with high level of availability.
  • Performance and Scalability: Designed to scale reliably, SQL Server 2005 meets the needs of even the largest enterprise in the most demanding environments.
  • Security: Enhanced security features make SQL Server 2005 the most secure database for your critical business data.
  • Developer Productivity: New features enable developers to efficiently build more secure, powerful applications on SQL server 2005.
  • Total Cost of Ownership: SQL Server 2005 offers greater out-of-the-box functionality and lower ongoing maintenance costs than other major databases, including Oracle and IBM DB2.
  • Business Intelligence: SQL Server 2005 includes all of the components of the Microsoft BI platform, providing the essential building blocks for powerful, cost-effective BI solutions.

PCS Expertise
PCS has extensive experience with the SQL Server family of data bases. We can help you conduct the following tasks related to SQL server databases:

  • Plan, design, develop, and migrate applications based on legacy data bases like DB2, Sybase, Informix etc. to SQL Server data base application
  • Plan, design, develop, and implement brand new custom application systems based on SQL server database and Dot Net platform
  • Develop Business Intelligence solution based on SQL server 2005
  • Help manage and run large application based on SQL Server data bases

“In a complete redesign of SQL Server, Microsoft has put development and business analysis on par with administration. With the ability to execute Visual Basic, Visual C++ and Visual C# code on the new database server, developers can build applications that are more flexible and perform better. Administrators also have new tools for tuning performance and automating maintenance. Companies will be able to get better views of large data sets by developing analysis packages through a Visual Studio-based business intelligence tool set.”

— EWeek

“With best-in-class ease of use on the Windows platform, Microsoft SQL Server combines strong administration abilities with leading-edge XML support.  Though it’s still Windows-centric, Microsoft’s database can connect to data from a variety of sources.”

— PC Mag

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